How It Works

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Convenient, safe and affordable summer dorm storage made easy. We provide everything you need to pack up, then we take care of the rest:

The Details

  1. Sign up

    Call us at 757-771-9109, or sign up online to reserve your pick up time.

  2. We Deliver Supplies

    About a week before your requested pick up date, we will personally deliver everything you need to pack up, including boxes, tape, etc.

  3. You Pack

    Prepare your boxes and pack everything up. We suggest labeling your boxes.

  1. We Pick Up

    During your scheduled pick up time, we pick up your items directly from your current dorm.

  2. We Store

    Over the summer or study abroad period, we store everything in a clean, and safe storage facility.

  3. We Re-deliver

    When you are ready, we will deliver your items to your new dorm or apartment, just in time to begin the new semester!

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